Black Girl Squee!

Black Girl Squee!

Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi (@dustdaughter) celebrate Black Fem Genius (TM Inda Lauryn) with a SQUEE!

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    BGS 66 - Dope Queen Blues

    Inda & Didi are back to celebrate Black Fem Genius (TM)! We squee about new projects from Gina Prince Bythewood, Alfre Woodard and friend of the show, Savannah J. Frierson! We celebrate Black women musicians like Our Native Daughters, Adia Victoria, and give a special tribute to Jackie Shane. Then we send a few fades to awards academies for not giving Black women their things and to the CPD for... being them. We revisit a fave in DWIDP who deserves to be in the conversation of 'Best Actor of Their Generation'.

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    BGS 65 - "We Need a Longer Month"

    Whitney's words have never rung more true than during Black History Month 2019. But we've still got Black Fem Geniuses making history so let's celebrate them while we can!

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    BGS 64 - Black Women Film Critics

    Inda and Didi are back from holiday hiatus. We cover some Squeeworthy News too good to ignore before talking to special guest, Maria from Nerdgasm Noire! Together, we talk about what Black women add to the discussion of film, this wacky awards season and our thoughts about Barry Jenkins' latest, If Beale Street Could Talk. Spoilers, of course, 'cause that's how we do.

    It's the triumphant return of Black Girl Squee!

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    BGS 63 - We Will Not Conceed

    In episode 63, Inda Lauryn & Didi Jenning celebrate Elizabeth Acevedo, Cicely Tyson, Florence Price, and other Black Fem Geniuses.

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    BGS 62 - It's The Overload

    Take a break from the overload. Join Published Author Inda Lauryn and co-host, Didi Jenning for another episode celebrating Black women! We squee about Simone Biles winning, Sahle-Work Zewde becomes Ethiopian president, Indya Moore stars in a sci-fi series, Oprah Stumping for Stacey Abrams, Katrina Jackson writes Black lesbian romance, plus new albums from NAO and Georgia Anne Muldrow.

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    BGS 61 - Black Fem Voices Matter

    Inda & Didi highlight NYT Style Magazine profiles of Carrie Mae Weems and Solange, talk about voter suppression in GA and ND and re-induct someone into our Pantheon of Peen (TM)!

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    GHITG 9 - "Scratched"

    Olivia & Didi recap episode 9 of Pitch called, "Scratched". Has Mike Lawson played his last game in San Diego? Press Play and find out.

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    BGS 60 - We BEEN Angry

    In BGS' 60th episode, Inda and Didi celebrate casting news about Erika Alexander, new music from Macy Gray and Esperanza Spalding, and a runway debut for Angelica Ross! Then we send a giant-sized fade to the U.S. Judicial branch who haven't learned anything in 27 years.

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    BGS 59 - We Got a Lot to Squee About!

    Inda & Didi find a lot of Black Fem Genius to squee about this episode. Plus we usher in a new segment called Inda's Corner before handing out some fades. We revisit a previous inductee to our Pantheon of Peen and add a new recruit.

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    BGS 58 - Black Girls Are Complicated

    Inda & Didi talk about another Black woman running for office and winning, celebrate Insecure's season four renewal, preview the Osaka-Williams US Open final (cause we were recording when it started), then take time to send two serious fades.

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    BGS 56 - Say Our Names!

    Inda & Didi get into some casting news, music news, and even some sports before handing out a bunch of fades. Our DWIDP segment is jam-packed too. True to our spoiler policy, we spoil the first five episodes of Pose. Intro is "It Gets Better" by The Internet. Outro is "Call On Me (Remix)" by Lalah Hathaway feat. Redman.

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    BGS 55 - Rooting for Every Black Femme!

    Inda and Didi are back to root for all the Black Women Emmy Nominees (and some of the non-Black WOC), celebrate PoseFX's season two renewal, and Shea Diamond's new EP.

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    BGS 54 - Black Magic Women

    In episode 54 of Black Girl Squee, Inda and Didi celebrate #BlackFemGenius from Tessa Thompson (and wonder if 2018 is The Year of the Bisexual), Yetide Badaki, Musicians Joi, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Big Freedia and Lizzo, as well as DJ Switch and Katrina Jackson.

    We also send some fades to everyone threatening or not supporting Maxine Waters and Terry Crews.

    Don't worry, we lighten the mood with a little DWIDP.

    Watch Pose on FX, Sunday nights at 9pm EST!!!

    Intro/Outro is "Black Magic Potion" by Joi Gilliam.

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    BGS 53 - Black Women Geniuses

    Inda and Didi are back from an unplanned hiatus. Unfortunately, technology ate the last few segments of the show. Help us get new equipment by supporting the Black Girl Squee patreon!.

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    BGS Extra: Infinity War (with Savannah J. Frierson)

    Friend of the show and author, Savannah J. Frierson (Being Plumville, Reconstructing Jada Channing) is back to talk about the latest Marvel movie with me. SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War and other MCU films. Fans of Tony Stank and Dinkle Strange might wanna skip this one two. This review is coming from the perspective of two weary, Black MCU fangirls who have been watching since the beginning. Intro/Outro is "The Avengers " by Alan Silvestri.

    NOTE: Technical difficulties meant I had to re-record the audio on my side. I tried to do as much as I remembered Hopefully you can hear everything on my end. - Didi

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    BGS 52 - Black Women Making Moves!

    Inda and Didi cover some of the latest news in movies and music and multimedia before handing out a fade to White Feminism(TM)'s favorite new show. Then we show some love to the thickums in DWIDP. And Inda shares some Womanist Vocab that ties it all together. Support the show at Intro/Outro is "Paid" by Sudan Archives.

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    BGS Extra - Black Panther (with Savannah J. Frierson)

    Didi talks with friend of the show, author Savannah J. Frierson, about Marvel's Black Panther.

    Wanna talk with us about Wakanda? Get in touch with Black Girl Squee on Twitter, Tumblr, Apple Podcasts, Google Play Podcasts, and on the web. Please rate and review!

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    Intro/Outro is "Wakanda" by Ludwig Göransson (feat. Baaba Maal)

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    BGS 51 - Black Women Are Shining!

    Inda & Didi catch up on the latest news about Black women in music, sports, TV & Film. And of course we talk a little bit about Black Panther.

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    BGS 50 - Black Women Thriving!

    Inda and Didi ring in 2018 with a new episode! We celebrate Black women Oscar nominees, Laverne Cox making history, and Tiffany Haddish securing ALL the bags.

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    RR 8 - Podcasts So White

    Ratchet Research is back from our long hiatus and we've got some stuff to say! This time Kat and Didi tackle the world of podcasting and why so many shows drop the ball when it comes to discussing race. Shoutout to Berry at #PodsInColor for her website highlighting diverse content from diverse voices. Intro/Outro is F.U.B.U. by Solange. Please rate/review us on Apple Podcasts and support us at

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    BGS 49 - Black Women Win!

    It's the last BGS of 2017! We talk about Black women in Alabama making history in the special election. Essence has a list of Black Women to Watch in Politics. We talk about Golden Globe Nods in Squeeworthy News and snubs in Catch the Fade. And don't worry, we also dig all the way into the 63%.

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    GHITG 7 - "San Francisco"

    Olivia and Didi recap episode 7 of Pitch, "San Francisco" .

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    Our email is On Twitter, we're @blackgirlsquee.

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    BGS 48 - Give Black Women Their Due!

    Inda and Didi return with a new episode of Black Girl Squee! This time we're covering Oscar Buzz for Dee Rees and Tiffany Haddish, Rihanna's new road, Aja Naomi King's new makeup deal and more!

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    BGS 47 - Trust Black Women

    We talk about Judge Deborah Robinson, Philomena Kwao on inclusivity, a TV show filled with Trans Women of Color and we discuss the new season of HTGAWM on Black Girl Squee! Intro/Outro is "Show Love" by Everything Is Recorded (feat. Syd & Sampha).

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    BGS 46 - Believe Black Women

    Inda & Didi squee over the official Black panther trailer, Bbymutha's ep and Fader profile, Gabourey Sidibe's short film, Lupita's op-ed and more!

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    GHITG 6 - "Wear It"

    Olivia and Didi recap episode six of Pitch, "Wear It". Tell us what you think of the show on Apple Podcasts or tweet us @blackgirlsquee. Support the network at

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    BGS 45: Black Women March

    Inda and Didi cover the March for Black Women, a new documentary about trans activist Marsha P Johnson, Kelela's new album and more!

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    BGS 44: We Back!

    Inda and Didi return from hiatus with lots to squee about! We celebrate Sloane Stephens, little Alexis Olympia, Lena Waithe's historic win, and much more on Black Girl Squee!

    Intro/Outro: "Singing In My Soul" sung by Lizz Wright

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    GHITG 5 - Alfonso Guzman Chavez

    Olivia and Didi talk about sports trades, how the media discusses them, how players are affected and more. The episode triggered something that fellow Celtics fans may appreciate. Let us know by tweeting @blackgirlsquee or emailing Intro/Outro is "Stereotypes" by Black Violin.

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    RR 7 - Romcoms!

    Listen as Kat and Didi talk about romcoms, romantic drama, newly-discovered romance writers and more!


    From Variety: Is The Romcom Dying Out?

    You can live-tweet the show using the hashtag, #RatchetResearch.

    Our contact info is as follows:

    Kat: @exrecluse on Twitter,

    Didi: @dustdaughter on Twitter

    BGS: @blackgirlsquee on Twitter and


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    RR 6 - The Blacksonian

    Kat and Didi talk about the National Museum of African American History and Culture, also known as The Blacksonian. Intro/Outro is F.U.B.U. by Solange.

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    GHITG 3 - "Beanball"

    Olivia and Didi recap episode 1x03 of Pitch, called "Beanball".

    You can email or tweet us @blackgirlsquee. To donate, check out

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    BGS 43 - It's Our Anniversary!

    Join Inda and Didi for a short but sweet episode celebrating two years of Black Girl Squee!

    Black Girl Squee's 2yr Anniversary

    We've been Hiddlestoners, we've cancelled old dude while still wondering about that print. We've squeed over many Black girls and women, trans and cis, queer, straight and otherwise. We've told a few of them to Catch the Fade. We've been rolling our eyes at white feminism and calling it out wherever we see it.

    We have celebrated great black women athletes like Tamika Catchings and Serena Williams. We've celebrated great musicians like NAO, Jamila Woods, Syd, Solange, Lalah Hathaway, Jazmine Sullivan, and many more.

    When Viola Davis won an Emmy for best actress in a drama, we were there to squee with y'all and break down the enormity of the achievement. We played Her speech and broke down the Brilliance and Blackness of it and we all bowed down to Queen Viola.

    We've talked about a lot of music. We stanned for Missy Elliott and the Women of Luke Cage. And learned lots of Womanist Vocab. Hopefully everyone listening has paid heed to our Black Girl Commandments.

    We've been through a lot the past two years. Lost jobs, lost cars, lost parents. But we kept coming back to the podcast and did our best to give you quality content for the free. Please contribute to our Patreons (Here's Inda's Patreon. Here's Didi's Patreon.) if you appreciate our work and wanna help us continue.

    Here's to two years of Black Girl Squee! With your help, there'll be many more!

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    BGS 42 - Black Women Deserve Consideration!

    Inda and Didi talk celebrate Dee Rees' Pariah and two great articles about trans women before airing out a bunch of white feminists in Catch the Fade. Don't forget to email us if you want to be included in our 2 year anniversary episode!

    Contact us at Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:
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    RR 5 - Still Star-Crossed

    Kat & Didi have a squee-filled chat about the new Black Panther teaser trailer before discussing ABC's new show, Still Star-Crossed.


    Intro/Outro is "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" by Human Citizens

    Contact us on: Twitter: @exrecluse and @dustdaughter, also @blackgirlsquee Tumblr: Patreon:

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    GHITG 2: "The Interim"

    Olivia & Didi recap Pitch 1x02 - "The Interim" after going over some news regarding the #PickUpPitch Campaign. If you love Pitch and want to see it find a new home, please follow Pitch Street Team on Tumblr and Twitter.

    Send postcards to Hulu and Netflix execs, urging them to #PickUpPitch and participate in the Twitter Trend this Friday, June 9th at 3pm EST. We're in the home stretch and need all your efforts to bring this one home!

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    Get Her in the Game Ep. 1 - The Pilot

    Welcome to Get Her in the Game, a podcast for the TV series, Pitch. Olivia and Didi introduce you to the characters, the show's style of storytelling, then recap the pilot episode. If you like what you hear and want Pitch to find a new home, listen for ways to #PickUpPitch at the end of the show!

    Make sure to follow Pitch Street Team on Twitter and Tumblr for news and resources.

    Intro/Outro is "Stereotypes" by Black Violin.

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    BGS 40 - Black Girls Shining!

    There are jam-packed Squeeworthy News and DWIDP segments in this episode of Black Girl Squee! We had to talk about the brilliant Elle Magazine profile of Missy Elliott, squee about Xscape reuniting, and an inspiring exhibit to check out if you're in New York.

    Intro/Outro is Estelle's "Shine".

    Contact us on:

    Twitter: @blackgirlsquee = @indascorner + @dustdaughter





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    BGS 39 - Black Girls Got Soul!

    Inda and Didi get back at it after a brief hiatus. We squee about April Ryan, tell a certain network to catch the fade and celebrate one Great Beard of Our Time (TM)!

    Intro/Outro is Valerie June's "Got Soul".

    Contact us:

    Twitter: @blackgirlsquee = @indascorner + @dustdaughter





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    RR4: Black & Vanilla

    Press PLAY for our messiest episode to date! Kat (@exrecluse) & Didi (@dustdaughter) get as real as two Black girls can about reading erotica while also Vanilla. (NOTE: This episode title was Kat's idea. ALL KAT'S IDEA.) Warning for mature themes and some kinkshaming. Thank you to everyone who responded to our Smut Survey! <3 <3 <3

    Intro/Outro is "Careless Whisper" by WHAM!


    Cold War by femmenoire - A Taste for Brown Sugar -

    Contact us on: Twitter: Kat (@exrecluse), Didi (@dustdaugher), @blackgirlsquee Tumblr: Email: Patreon:

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    MFTU 6 - "Minty"

    Maria and Didi discuss episode 2x06 of WGN's Underground called, Minty. Harriet Tubman had a lot to say during this one and so did we!

    Join the discussion @Roxie, @dustdaughter, and @blackgirlsquee. You can also email us at Intro and Outro is "Go Down Moses" as heard on the show. Support the show at

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    BGS 38 - Black Women Are Tired

    We celebrate two years of Cornerstorepress Presents the Black Swan Collective, Inda talks about Waking the Witch, and her guest spot on the Cinemosity podcast. We squee about Michaela Coel and Aisha Hinds before handing out some fades. This DWIDP is packing heat, too! All this and more on Black Girl Squee!

    Intro/Outro: Black Girl Magic - Lorine Chia ft. Billie Mitchell

    Contact us:

    Twitter: @blackgirlsquee = @indascorner + @dustdaughter





    Our Patreons: ;

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    MFTU 5 - "Whiteface"

    MFTU 5 - "Whiteface"

    There are questions (about absent characters), gripes (about Elizabeth of course), and shade (about Freddy D.) in this week's episode of Missives from the Underground. We definitely show why we're an UNOFFICIAL Underground fan podcast! Join our discussion on Twitter @Roxie and @dustdaughter or via email at You can find all our previous episodes at

    Intro: "Take Me Inside" by Sampha

    Outro: "Way Down We Go" by Kaleo

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    MFTU 4 - "Nok Aaut"

    Maria and Didi tackle episode 2x04 of Underground, called "Nok Aaut". Didi's theory about Daniel is up in flames but we enjoyed the episode regardless. Let us know how much Cato ain't sh*t by tweeting us @Roxie , @dustdaughter, or @blackgirlsquee. You can also email with the episode title in the subject line. Intro is "Dons and Divas" by Flowdan feat. Manga. Outro is "Worth It" by Moses Sumney.

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    BGS 37: Black Girls are Missing

    BGS 37: Black Girls are Missing

    We squee about the latest casting news from Shadow & Act (SPONSOR US!), a forum on intersectional feminism featuring Mikki Kendall and Allure's cover story on women of color and beauty. Our main topic is #MissingDCGirls. Then we drag Netflix for their whitewashing ways.

    Intro: I Just Want to Live by Lorine Chia Outro: I Ain't Gone Under Yet by Neneh Cherry


    Contact us at Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:
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    MFTU 3 - "Ache"

    MFTU 3 - "Ache"

    [Sorry about the technical difficulties. The echo ends around the 12 minute mark. ]

    Maria and Didi cover ep 2x03 of Underground, a epic entry called "Ache". This episode gives us a reason to discuss Black women's relationship with strength, the myth of the Strong Black Woman and what happens when you run out of strength and need care. We also get to talk about Black women's bodily autonomy and how the vestiges of slavery affect us today on that issue. If you haven't figured out by now, this episode was A LOT. Misha Green put her foot in this!

    To continue the discussion, please contact us at or on Twitter @Roxie and @dustdaughter. Until next time, please take care of yourselves, black women! We love you even when you aren't strong!

    If you need help emotionally, call the Nat'l Suicide Prevention Lifeline @ 1-800-273-TALK (8255). For more resources, visit @800273TALK.

    Intro/Outro is "Oya" by Ibeyi.

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    MFTU 1 - "Contraband"

    Welcome to the first episode of Missives from the Underground, a fan podcast recapping WGN's hit drama, Underground. In this episode, hosts Maria (@Roxie) and Didi (@dustdaughter) recap the season two premiere called "Contraband". Let us know what you think of the show by tweeting us or emailing Thanks and Enjoy!

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    BGS 36: #BlackTransWomensLivesMatter

    We squee a lot in episode 36 of BGS. There's Black Girl Magic at The Oscars, Gina Torres pitches a Jessica Pearson spinoff and timeless treasures from Alice Coltrane find new life on vinyl. Our main topic is the epidemic of violence against Black trans women and other TWOC. Then we drag someone who still hasn't absorbed some of the basic tenets of intersectional feminism. It's only an hour but it's a journey y'all! Please forgive any technical difficulties.

    Intro: "Quick" by Tank and da Bangas Outro: "Rockets" by Lion Babe feat. Moe Moks

    Links: - Tank and the Bangas on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert - - A treasure trove of Alice Coltrane’s spiritual jazz recordings released on vinyl for the first time - - From Black Lives Matter: The Loud Silence When Trans Women of Color Are Killed - - From Tumblr user, SmartAssJen (Jen Richards): Want to Stop Trans Murders? - From Black Youth Project: #TransCrowdFund: The Radical Redistribution of Wealth We Need by J. Skyler -

    Contact Us On: Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:

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    RR 3 - Renew The Expanse!

    In episode three of Ratchet Research, host Kat (@exrecluse) and Didi (@dustdaughter) talk about SyFy's space drama, The Expanse! We talk about the characters, inclusive casting, the show's themes and relevance today. '

    Intro/Outro: The Expanse Opening Theme by Clinton Shorter


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    BGS 35: Speculative Black Girls!

    In episode 35 of Black Girl Squee, Inda and Didi talk about AfroRetroFuturism and the importance of centering black women's narratives, NAO's upcoming collaboration with The Internet. Black Women in Speculative Fiction and more!

    Intro/Outro: NAO's Bad Blood Remix produced by SBTRKT. I pronounced it Secret on the show but it's really pronounced Subtract.


    Contact us on: Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:
    Simplecast: (PLEASE RATE/REVIEW. IT'S FREE AND IT HELPS THE SHOW. But if you have some coins and want to support, please go to Thanks!

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    Ratchet Research 2 - True Crime

    In the second episode of Ratchet Research, hosts Katrina Jackson (@exrecluse) and Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter from Black Girl Squee!) talk about all things true crime. The gateway is true crime podcasts like Crimetown, Stranglers, and Missing & Murdered. Listen as Katrina breaks down her categories of true crime podcasts from the 'chill' ones to the 'dark and scary' ones. We also get into books and television that fit into the genre before musing about what if anything they reveal about the criminal justice system. Press play for a great discussion, then find out what we'll cover on episode three of Ratchet Research!

    Want to tell us what you think of the show? Then contact host Katrina Jackson (@exrecluse) or Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter) on Twitter. You can also email and put 'Ratchet Research' in the subject line. Finally, if you like what we're doing on this feed and would like to support, check out the BGS patreon here!

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    BGS 34 - Misogynoir is Global

    In episode 34 of Black Girl Squee, we welcome special guest, Krys (@angelsscream) to the show and squee for several Black women who are dealing with ignorance and misogynoir in their lives and careers. Their responses are varied and valid because we all know the various traps set for them. We celebrate Maxine Waters, Jessica Williams, Tamron Hall, Tishaura Jones, Sydney Bennett, and Nikole Hannah-Jones.

    Intro/Outro is "All About Me" by SYD


    Tishaura Jones Slams Post Editorial Board While Declining Interview -

    From Teen Vogue: Congresswoman Maxine Waters Believes Donald T**ump Should Be Impeached -

    From Remezcla: What non-Black Latinxs Can Learn from the Salma Hayek & Jessica Williams Debate -

    White Women: This Is Why Your Critiques of Beyonce are Racist by Lara Witt (@femmefeministe) -

    From Stereogum: Album of the Week - Syd’s Fin -

    Contact us at Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:

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    BGS 33 - Black Girls Need Self-Care!

    In episode 33 of Black Girl Squee, Inda and Didi squee over new records and videos from Lizzo, SYD, and the incomparable Missy Elliott. They also recap the Golden Globes, the Oscar Noms, and the Women's March.

    Intro/Outro: "Scuse Me" by Lizzo

    Links: - Johnetta Elzie's poem about the Women's March - Noire Care website - Jace Harr's Interactive Self-Care Guide

    Contact Us: Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:

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    BGS 32: Black Girls Be Knowin'!

    In episode 32 of Black Girl Squee, Inda and Didi celebrate Hidden Figures no.1 weekend at the Box Office, Wangu Kanja's work with rape survivors in Kenya, why we love the First Lady and so much more.

    Intro/Outro is "Coconut Oil" by Lizzo


    Two Grand Prize Winners from THe Search for Hidden Figures STEM Contest, Watch Their Presentations -

    Georgia Girl Who Has Read 1K Books at Age 4 Visits Library of Congress Becomes Honorary Librarian -

    Contact us at Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:

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    Ratchet Research Ep. 1 - The Knowles Sisters

    Welcome to the first episode of a new podcast on the Black Girl Squee feed. This is Ratchet Research, a Black Pop Culture podcast with an Historical Perspective. Your hosts are author Katrina Jackson (Encore, @katrinajax) and BGS producer, Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter). Join us as we discuss two outstanding albums made by Black women for Black women. We're talking about Beyonce's Lemonade and Solange's A Seat At The Table. Basically this episode is an excuse for us to stan, but in a pseudo-intellectual way. It's a lot more fun than that. Press play and check us out!

    Link for this episode is Candice Benbow's Lemonade Syllabus.

    Intro is "Formation" by Beyonce and the Outro is "F.U.B.U." by Solange.

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    BGS 31: Black Girls Be Yankin'!

    In episode 31 of Black Girl Squee, hosts Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning start the show in royally ratchet fashion, then get into a whole bunch of awards nominations in Squeeworthy News. No main topic this time, so we got to spend more time on our Squee Queens and y'alls favorite segment, Dis Week in Dat Print (DWIDP)! Inda rounds out the show with another great Womanist Vocab word! Press play and join the fun on Black Girl Squee!

    Intro/Outro is Yankin' by Lady (with additional vocals from Inda)

    Inda's latest piece on The Learned Fangirl: Older Black Women in Romantic Relationships on Television -

    Soaked in Cinammon: A City Witch Finds Healing zine now available on Queer Indigenous Girl’s site -

    Nigerian Women's Bobsled Team -

    Read Clarkisha Kent's great piece On Trevor Noah and Other African Immigrants Who Buy Into The Hype -

    Sesifikile Wines -

    Contact us at Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:

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    BGS 30 - Black Girl Creators!

    In episode 30 of Black Girl Squee, hosts Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning talk about pop culture comfort food, Queen Sugar's first season finale, and the art by Black women that got us through 2016. We induct a new honoree in DWIDP and learn more Womanist Vocab.

    Intro/Outro is Santigold's "Creator".

    Queen Sugar Long Read:

    There's still time to get your own "Mammy Don't Live Here No More" merch! -

    Queen Sugar’s All-Female Directors on How the Show Gave Them Their First TV Jobs By Maria Elena Fernandez -

    From The Learned Fangirl: Pop Culture Comfort Food for Difficult Times -

    Contact us at Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:

  67. Thumb 1479786419 artwork

    BGS 29 - Black Girls are Still Here!

    On episode 29 of Black Girl Squee, hosts Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter) celebrate friend of the show, Savannah J. Frierson's new release, Manna Tree ( ) and the re-release of Julie Dash's "Daughters of the Dust". Inda launches a great new Teespring Campaign here: . Instead of recapping HTGAWM we talk about the disturbing pattern of characters of color being killed off TV shows for shock value alone. In Squee Queens we celebrate the lives of Gwen Ifill and Sharon Jones. There's repeat nominees on DWIDP and another timely Womanist Vocab word.

    Contact us on Twitter: @blackgirlsquee, @indascorner, @dustdaughter; Tumblr:; Email:; iTunes:; Simplecast:

  68. Thumb 1478562861 artwork

    BGS 28 - EBW Movement

    In episode 28 of Black Girl Squee, hosts Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning get into the latest Squeeworthy News, recap three more episodes of HTGAWM, and start a new movement while sending out fades. Plus, Inda finally gives King Bey some props! You gotta hear it to believe it, folks!

    Contact us at Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes: Simplecast:

  69. Thumb 1476757025 artwork

    BGS Extra: HTGAWM Recaps 3x02 - 3x04

    We had so much fun talking about the Women of Luke Cage with Clarkisha Kent (@IWriteAllDay_) in ep. 27 of Black Girl Squee that we ran out of time for our regular segments. So we decided to do an extra episode to catch up on all the messiness on HTGAWM. Spoilers for episodes 3x02 "There Are Worse Things Than Murder", 3x03 "Always Bet Black", and 3x04 "Don't Tell Annalise". Intro/Outro is the HTGAWM Show Theme by Photek.

    Contact us at Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:

  70. Thumb 1476148502 artwork

    BGS 27: Black Girl Heroes! (with Clarkisha Kent from Sublime Zoo)

    In episode 27 of Black Girl Squee, hosts Inda and Didi get into SqueeWorthy News. Then they welcome Clarkisha Kent (@IWriteAllDay_) from Sublime Zoo to rave about the Women of Luke Cage.

    Simone Missick Captures Black Girl Magic on the Luke Cage set -

    Ms. Kent's latest piece on Luke Cage, "With 'Luke Cage', Marvel Finally Does Right By Black Women" -

    Intro/Outro is "Don't Touch My Hair" by Solange.

    Contact us at Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:

  71. Thumb 1474946115 artwork


    In episode 26, hosts Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter) squee about the Emmys and the latest casting news. Then they get into the Season 3 Premiere of HTGAWM (SPOILERS!). R*pe apologists catch the fade and Inda gives us another relevant womanist vocab word.

    Intro/Outro is N**gas by Kehlani.

    Nisi Shawl talks "Everfair" on Midnight in Karachi -

    Claudia Rankine, Kellie Jones and Joyce J. Scott Awarded MacArthur Genius Grants

    Kelela Shares Powerful Advice to Allies in the Wake of Tragedies

    Gabrielle Union: ‘I Absolutely Understand If You Chose to Sit the Film Out’ -

    Six Reasons Why Black Women Have Every Right to Be Angry -

    Contact us at Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:
    Simplecast: Black Girl Squee Listener Survey. Go to

  72. Thumb 1473727200 artwork

    BGS 25 - Black Girls Need Safety!

    In Episode 25 of Black Girl Squee, Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning squee over FLOTUS, Sheryl Swoopes in the HOF, Queen Sugar, and mourn Lady Chablis. They cuss out several groups of people in Catch the Fade and wonder where are the safe spaces for Black women and girls? They revisit their top 5 DWIDP's and end with a timely Womanist Vocab term. Intro/Outro is Noname's "Freedom Interlude". New Zine from Inda Lauryn, "Soaked in Cinnamon: A City Witch Finds Healing" - Conjure Woman Teespring Campaign from @dopegirlfresh. Open Until Sept. 15th.- We discuss Tiarah Poyah in Catch the Fade - Contact us at @blackgirlsquee on Twitter, Tumblr:, Email: blackgirlsquee at gmail dot com.

  73. Thumb 1472512691 artwork

    BGS 24 - Beautifully Human Black Girls!

    In episode 24 of Black Girl Squee, your hosts Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning squee about all the black women athletes representing countries all over the globe with their excellence. There's more casting news to squee over before we Fed Ex a fade to trolls and malicious hackers of Black women. Then Inda has a very speciall DWIDP to share with us. WARNING: The sound gets scratchy about halfway through the show. Apologies for the technical difficulties. Intro/Outro is "F E M A L E" by Sampa the Great.

  74. Thumb 1471301119 artwork

    BGS 23 - The Triumphant Return!

    GUESS WHO'S BACK! It's Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter) with a brand new episode of Black Girl Squee! This time we shake off the rust from a long hiatus with an abbreviated episode. We talk about Black Women owning the Olympics, Leslie Jones the super fan, and lots of great casting news. There's double the trouble in DWIDP but we hope you do enjoy it. Finally, Inda hits you with a great Womanist Vocab word. Our Twitter, Tumblr and Gmail haven't changed, only our podcast page. So check us out at and UPDATE YOUR RSS FEEDS! Thank you!

    Intro/Outro is "Phenomenal Woman" by Laura Mvula.

    Contact us at Twitter: @blackgirlsquee Inda - @indascorner Didi - @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:
    Simplecast: Fill out our Black Girl Squee Listener Survey. Go to

  75. Thumb 1467116203 artwork

    BGS 22 - Brilliant Black Girls!

    In Ep. 22 of Black Girl Squee, hosts Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning celebrate Black women in charge of casting and programming at ABC, Black women on the Great White Way and stunting at the Met Gala. They also recap episodes 3 and 4 of WGN's "Underground". We name and shame in Catch the Fade before launching into a crowded DWIDP! Intro/Outro is "Mighty Morphing" by Sammus Call for Entries in Sally Hemings Dreams Zine ( - ( Contact us on Twitter: @blackgirlsquee, @indascorner, @dustdaughter; Tumblr:; Email:; iTunes:; Podomatic:; Google Play Podcasts: Filling out our Listener Survey ( will help us improve the show!

  76. Thumb 1467116190 artwork

    BGS 21 - Bad Fat Black Girls! (Interview with Ariel of @BadFatBroads)

    In Episode 21 of Black Girl Squee, hosts Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning squee about casting news for Tessa Thompson, Nicole Beharie and Pearlie Mack. They tell a group of intruding Marvel fangirls and some anti-Black POC to Catch the Fade. They also talk to Ariel, co-host of the Bad Fat Broads podcast about body shape diversity in magazines and fashion lines as well as the difference between body positivity and fat activism. Intro/Outro is "Fat Girls" by Briki Fa President feat. Ninene. Contact us on Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes: Google Play Podcasts:

  77. Thumb 1467116181 artwork

    BGS 20 - Black Girls Deserve Better

    In episode 20 of Black Girl Squee, Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning talk about queer Black women in Chicago's Black Liberation Movement and Bibi Bourelly's new inclusive music video during Squeeworthy News. Then we recap the first two episodes of WGN's Underground. A lot of misguided folks Catch the Fade from us before we launch into one of our thirstiest DWIDP's yet! Intro/Outro music is "Fuck You Symphony" by Millie Jackson. Contact us at Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes:

  78. Thumb 1467116170 artwork

    BGS 19 - Black Girls in Starring Roles

    In episode 19 of Black Girl Squee, Inda and Didi talk about a lot of black women earning starring roles in films and TV in Squeeworthy News. Their main topic is the HTGAWM season finale. And they have a special DWIDP focused on BBC's The Night Manager. It's a big show so there's a lot more that I'm too tired to type out. Links Mentioned in the show: - Google Doodle Winner, Akilah Johnson from Washington, DC.- - Underground WGN - ; - KING breaks down every song on "We Are King" for - - Congresswomen announce first Congressional Caucus on Black women and girls Intro/Outro is "A Message" by Kelela. Contact us at Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes: Podomatic -

  79. Thumb 1467116163 artwork

    BGS 18 - Blackgirl Love Unlimited

    In Ep. 18 of Black Girl Squee, hosts Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning read your feedback, get into squeeworthy news about Ebony Magazine's "Body Brigade", the movie "Hidden Figures", and discuss people who test the limits of Blackgirl Love. Then they dig into some HTGAWM recaps and celebrate heavy metal Squee Queens. Our DWIDP segment this week might spark some debate - just remember that Inda picked that one! As always, let us know what you think of the show by contacting us on Twitter @blackgirlsquee, on Tumblr at and via email at blackgirlsquee at gmail dot com. We're also on iTunes so please rate and review and we'll read it on the show! Intro/Outro is "Nights in White Satin" as covered by Oceans of Slumber.

  80. Thumb 1467116156 artwork

    BGS 17 - Black Girls Get Love

    In episode 17 of Black Girl Squee, hosts Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning celebrate directors Dee Rees and Ava DuVernay in Squeeworthy News, talk about Inda's 30-day #BlackFemGenius in Film Challenge, and recap the last two episodes of HTGAWM as only they can. We have a brand-new contestant on DWIDP and a whole lot to say in our Catch the Fade Segment. Also, RICHONNE! Intro/Outro is "Banshee" by Santigold. Support Inda’s creative endeavors here. Ways to Contact Black Girl Squee Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @ dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes: Podomatic -

  81. Thumb 1467116148 artwork

    BGS 16 - Black Girl Gamers w/ Tanya DePass

    In Episode 16 of Black Girl Squee, hosts Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter) celebrate Amber Riley's new London gig, new music from KING, Lion Babe and The Suffers, and Taraji P. Henson's brilliant new role. They also get into some HTGAWM chat after the show's return from a long, cold hiatus. Finally, they talk to #INeedDiverseGames creator, Tanya DePass (@cypheroftyr), about underserved markets in gaming, the relationship between games and storytelling, and the need for representation of marginalized groups. You can contact us on Twitter us @blackgirlsquee, emailing us at blackgirlsquee at gmail dot com or sending us a message on our Tumblr. Leave us a review on iTunes and we’ll read it on the show. Intro is "Carry On" by KING. Outro is "The Greatest" by KING. Ways to contact Ms. DePass: In fantasy worlds, Historical Accuracy is Lie - Offworld @cypheroftyr @INeedDivGms #INeedDiverseGames Spreadshirt Offworld Collection Kickstarter - Stretch goals get contributors more money!

  82. Thumb 1467116141 artwork

    BGS 15: Black Girl Soldier

    In episode 15 of Black Girl Squee, Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter) squee over Kelela's episode of Song Exploder and new releases from Jamila Woods, KING and Rihanna, celebrate Black Girl Magic at the SAG Awards, Marley Dias and her #1000BlackGirlBooks. They also have a random, tangent-y Catch the Fade before a special DWIDP dedicated to an history-making SAG Awards winner that we'd all love to congratulate personally. Ahem. Intro/Outro is Jamila Woods' Blk Girl Soldier. Ways to Contact Black Girl Squee Twitter: @blackgirlsquee @indascorner @dustdaughter Tumblr: Email: iTunes: Podomatic -

  83. Thumb 1467116134 artwork

    BGS 14 - Black Girl Magic Can't Stop Won't Stop!

    In episode 14 of Black Girl Squee, Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter) return from hiatus to celebrate a whole bunch of Black Girl Magic! Inda Lauryn has a new story on Amazon! Getchu a copy right here. We talk about Tonya Pinkins and #BlackPerspectivesMatter. Johnetta Elzie gracing the cover Essence Magazine. More Black Women are joining the podcasting ranks - voices like Reagan Gomez Preston and Kiddotrue are needed and welcome! Crowdsourcing Black Girls in Independent Media project We also talk about Taraji at the Golden Globes and on Elle Magazine (which also shows up in Catch the Fade later). In our main topic, we talk about Black Women Geniuses specifically in music from the 70's to now. We have a few repeats in our DWIDP but we think you'll enjoy it. Support Inda here. What Black Girl musical Geniuses did we miss? Let us know by tweeting us @blackgirlsquee, emailing us at blackgirlsquee at gmail dot com or sending us a message on our Tumblr at Leave us a review on iTunes and we'll read it on the show.

  84. Thumb 1467116128 artwork

    BGS 13: Black Girl Magic All Up in Your Genres!

    In episode 13 of Black Girl Squee, Inda and Didi read your lovely feedback, get into some Squeeworthy News, and run down our favorite BGM stories of 2015. We also nominate new Squee Queens and two new DWIDP contestants. You can reach BGS on Twitter @blackgirlsquee, via email at blackgirlsquee at gmail dot com on iTunes and on our new Tumblr! Intro/Outro is "Future People" by the Alabama Shakes. Thanks for rocking with us in 2015! Hope you'll stay with us in the new year!

  85. Thumb 1467116117 artwork

    BGS 12 - Interview with Katrina Jackson

    In episode 12 of Black Girl Squee, Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning respond to a ton of feedback (Thanks, y'all!), highlight one co-host's moonlighting on other podcasts, and celebrate a lot of Black Girl Magic during The Wiz Live! They also look forward to KING's first full-length album and welcome author, Katrina Jackson, who recently published her first novella, Encore. You can reach BGS on Twitter @blackgirlsquee, via email at blackgirlsquee at gmail dot com on iTunes and on our new Tumblr!

  86. Thumb 1467116109 artwork

    BGS 11 - WTF HTGAWM?

    In episode 11 of Black Girl Squee, Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi Jenning (dustdaughter) welcome back Missy Elliott, check out a beginner's guide to Neneh Cherry's music, and recap the HTGAWM winter finale as only they know how. All this plus a jam-packed DWIDP! Other Articles Mentioned: Roxane Gay writes about Mizzou and the seduction of safety for NY Times. Shannon Barber writes about the joy of being a black nerd. New books from Savannah J Frierson (friend of the show) and Katrina Jackson. More Than a Summer Love by @sjfbooks. Encore by @katrinajax. Inda's Mixcloud is here. You can reach BGS on Twitter @blackgirlsquee, via email at blackgirlsquee at gmail dot com on iTunes and on our new Tumblr!

  87. Thumb 1467116102 artwork

    BGS 10 - Short & Sweet

    In this short and sweet episode 10 of Black Girl Squee, Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter) squee over Viola Davis' daughter, Santigold's new record and the latest messiness on HTGAWM. Inda's Mixcloud is here. You can reach BGS on Twitter @blackgirlsquee, via email at blackgirlsquee at gmail dot com on iTunes and on our new Tumblr! This week's intro/outro is "Can't Get Enough of Myself" by Santigold. We love you, Santigold. Please don't sue us!

  88. Thumb 1467116093 artwork

    BGS 9 - D*cknado

    In episode 9 of Black Girl Squee, Inda (@indascorner) and Didi (@dustdaughter) talk about Laverne Cox starring in a remake of the Rocky Horrow Picture Show, development deals for Misty Copeland, Tracy Oliver, a new film on the "Mother of Hip Hop". Then they talk about their favorite webseries made by and starring Black women. There's an extra messy HTGAWM recap and a related DWIDP. Stay tuned after the outro for some new vocabulary. We discussed the following webseries: Ackee and Saltfish MisSpelled Polyglot Surviving Vixen Inda's Mixcloud is here ( You can reach BGS on Twitter @blackgirlsquee, via email at blackgirlsquee at gmail dot com on iTunes and on our new Tumblr!

  89. Thumb 1467116075 artwork

    BGS 7 - Queen Viola

    In episode 7 of BGS, Inda Lauryn ( @indascorner) and Didi ( @dustdaughter ), celebrate the return of of Black Woman-led TV shows, Empire and HTGAWM. They also review Constance Burris' Black Beauty before launching into their main topic, Black Girl Magic at the 2015 Emmy Awards. Someone irrelevant catches the fade for daring to come for Queen Viola. Then they give the people what they want and discuss another specimen of British pulchritude in Dis Week in Dat Print. Protect Your Ears - Inda screams at 24:49. Inda's Mixcloud is here. You can reach BGS on Twitter @blackgirlsquee, via email at blackgirlsquee at gmail dot com on iTunes and on our new tumblr,

  90. Thumb 1467116069 artwork

    Black Girl Squee - Episode Six: Black Trans Lives Matter

    In Episode Six of Black Girl Squee, Inda and Didi talk about Vita Elizabeth Cleveland's "Hell Y'all Ain't Talmbout" and the erasure of trans people from the new civil rights movement, Black Women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mikki Kendall's new comic book, New releases from some of our favorite musicians, and the Power of Shondaland. Then they introduce a new segment that you might want to skip if you're not interested in hearing us talk about people with penises who don't like to wear drawers. (Timestamp: 1:00:40 - 1:17:40) Let us know what you think of the new segment and the show in general by: Tweeting @blackgirlsquee Emailing blackgirlsquee at Gmail dot com Or leaving a review on iTunes! Intro/Outro is Hell Y'all Ain't Talmbout by Vita Elizabeth Cleveland Note: I apologize for getting Vita Elizabeth Cleveland's and Jennicet Gutierrez's names wrong this episode. It's Vita not Ida, Guiterrez not Rodriguez. Names are important and it's important to get them right.

  91. Thumb 1467116062 artwork

    Black Girl Squee - Episode 5 (with Savannah J. Frierson)

    In Episode Five of Black Girl Squee, Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi (@dustdaughter) talk about Kimberly Rivers Roberts, Kelis, Ruby Amanfu, Lalah Hathaway, and Grace Jones in our Squeeworthy News. Then we interview our special guest, author Savannah J. Frierson! We ask why her hometown is a prominent part of many of her novels, the joys of self-publishing, the challenges of Amazon reviews and our favorite topic, Black women and pleasure. Press play and squee with us! You can contact the show by email at or on Twitter @blackgirlsquee. Sorry about the audio problems; we're doing our best! Intro/Outro music is "Magic" by Amel Larrieux. We love you, Amel, please don't sue us!

  92. Thumb 1467116055 artwork

    Black Girl Squee - Episode Four

    In episode four of Black Girl Squee, Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi (@dustdaughter) talk about Janet's #1 single, Lianne La Havas' new album, Black women on ALL the magazine covers, afros and who can wear them, and then TWO main topics! First up is Black women lead characters on TV this fall and then the double standards surrounding "wardrobe malfunctions". Send us feedback on Twiter @blackgirlsquee or email Also rate and review the show on iTunes and we'll read it on the next episode!

  93. Thumb 1467116050 artwork

    Black Girl Squee - Episode Three: Missy Elliott's Black to the Future

    In Episode Three of Black Girl Squee, Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi (@dustdaughter) talk about Missy Elliott's Afrofuturism, Nicki Minaj's unique brand of feminism, and Briki Fa President's body positivity. There's also a rambling discussion of black women, pleasure politics and 90's R&B that's sure to earn us an Explicit Tag. This one ain't for the kiddies, y'all. (Fun Fact: None of these episodes are. You know you love it.) Check out Inda's Mixcloud here. Feedback at or via email at blackgirlsquee at Gmail dot com. This week's intro is "Sock It 2 Me" by Missy Elliott and the outro is "Important" by Mz. 007. We love you, Missy and Mz. 007. Please don't sue us!

  94. Thumb 1467116046 artwork

    Black Girls Squee - Episode Two

    In episode two of Black Girl Squee, Inda and Didi talk about Amandla Stenberg, Serena Williams and introduce a couple of new segments! Read about Amel Larrieux's new hair product line here. Read Amandla Stenberg's powerful statement about violence and Black women's bodies here. Support Inda here. Please send feedback to @blackgirlsquee on Twitter or blackgirlsquee at gmail dot com. Intro & Outro is Amel Larrieux - Magic. We love you please don't sue us!

  95. Thumb 1467116041 artwork

    Black Girl Squee! - The Pilot

    In our first episode, hosts Inda Lauryn (@indalauryn) and Didi (@dustdaughter) introduce themselves and the premise of the show. Next, they go on to discuss the most recent Squee-worthy News, including Bree Newsome, Janet Jackson, Misty Copeland, Rihanna, and Ava DuVernay. Then they cover the two films, "What Happens, Miss Simone?" on Netflix and "Bessie" from HBO Films. Read Inda's recent XoJane article here. Tell us what you think on Twitter at Our email is blackgirlsquee at gmail dot com. Intro & Outro is Magic by Amel Larrieux. We love you, please don't sue us!

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