Black Girl Squee!

Black Girl Squee!

Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi (@dustdaughter) celebrate the achievements of and discuss current events pertaining to Black women.

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    RR 6 - The Blacksonian

    Kat and Didi talk about the National Museum of African American History and Culture, also known as The Blacksonian. Intro/Outro is F.U.B.U. by Solange.

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    GHITG 3 - "Beanball"

    Olivia and Didi recap episode 1x03 of Pitch, called "Beanball".

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    BGS 43 - It's Our Anniversary!

    Join Inda and Didi for a short but sweet episode celebrating two years of Black Girl Squee!

    Black Girl Squee's 2yr Anniversary

    We've been Hiddlestoners, we've cancelled old dude while still wondering about that print. We've squeed over many Black girls and women, trans and cis, queer, straight and otherwise. We've told a few of them to Catch the Fade. We've been rolling our eyes at white feminism and calling it out wherever we see it.

    We have celebrated great black women athletes like Tamika Catchings and Serena Williams. We've celebrated great musicians like NAO, Jamila Woods, Syd, Solange, Lalah Hathaway, Jazmine Sullivan, and many more.

    When Viola Davis won an Emmy for best actress in a drama, we were there to squee with y'all and break down the enormity of the achievement. We played Her speech and broke down the Brilliance and Blackness of it and we all bowed down to Queen Viola.

    We've talked about a lot of music. We stanned for Missy Elliott and the Women of Luke Cage. And learned lots of Womanist Vocab. Hopefully everyone listening has paid heed to our Black Girl Commandments.

    We've been through a lot the past two years. Lost jobs, lost cars, lost parents. But we kept coming back to the podcast and did our best to give you quality content for the free. Please contribute to our Patreons (Here's Inda's Patreon. Here's Didi's Patreon.) if you appreciate our work and wanna help us continue.

    Here's to two years of Black Girl Squee! With your help, there'll be many more!

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    BGS 42 - Black Women Deserve Consideration!

    Inda and Didi talk celebrate Dee Rees' Pariah and two great articles about trans women before airing out a bunch of white feminists in Catch the Fade. Don't forget to email us if you want to be included in our 2 year anniversary episode!

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    RR 5 - Still Star-Crossed

    Kat & Didi have a squee-filled chat about the new Black Panther teaser trailer before discussing ABC's new show, Still Star-Crossed.


    Intro/Outro is "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" by Human Citizens

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    GHITG 2: "The Interim"

    Olivia & Didi recap Pitch 1x02 - "The Interim" after going over some news regarding the #PickUpPitch Campaign. If you love Pitch and want to see it find a new home, please follow Pitch Street Team on Tumblr and Twitter.

    Send postcards to Hulu and Netflix execs, urging them to #PickUpPitch and participate in the Twitter Trend this Friday, June 9th at 3pm EST. We're in the home stretch and need all your efforts to bring this one home!

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    Get Her in the Game Ep. 1 - The Pilot

    Welcome to Get Her in the Game, a podcast for the TV series, Pitch. Olivia and Didi introduce you to the characters, the show's style of storytelling, then recap the pilot episode. If you like what you hear and want Pitch to find a new home, listen for ways to #PickUpPitch at the end of the show!

    Make sure to follow Pitch Street Team on Twitter and Tumblr for news and resources.

    Intro/Outro is "Stereotypes" by Black Violin.

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    BGS 40 - Black Girls Shining!

    There are jam-packed Squeeworthy News and DWIDP segments in this episode of Black Girl Squee! We had to talk about the brilliant Elle Magazine profile of Missy Elliott, squee about Xscape reuniting, and an inspiring exhibit to check out if you're in New York.

    Intro/Outro is Estelle's "Shine".

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