Black Girl Squee!

Black Girl Squee!

Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi (@dustdaughter) celebrate the achievements of and discuss current events pertaining to Black women.

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    BGS 52 - Black Women Making Moves!

    Inda and Didi cover some of the latest news in movies and music and multimedia before handing out a fade to White Feminism(TM)'s favorite new show. Then we show some love to the thickums in DWIDP. And Inda shares some Womanist Vocab that ties it all together. Support the show at Intro/Outro is "Paid" by Sudan Archives.

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    BGS Extra - Black Panther (with Savannah J. Frierson)

    Didi talks with friend of the show, author Savannah J. Frierson, about Marvel's Black Panther.

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    Intro/Outro is "Wakanda" by Ludwig Göransson (feat. Baaba Maal)

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    BGS 51 - Black Women Are Shining!

    Inda & Didi catch up on the latest news about Black women in music, sports, TV & Film. And of course we talk a little bit about Black Panther.

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    BGS 50 - Black Women Thriving!

    Inda and Didi ring in 2018 with a new episode! We celebrate Black women Oscar nominees, Laverne Cox making history, and Tiffany Haddish securing ALL the bags.

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    RR 8 - Podcasts So White

    Ratchet Research is back from our long hiatus and we've got some stuff to say! This time Kat and Didi tackle the world of podcasting and why so many shows drop the ball when it comes to discussing race. Shoutout to Berry at #PodsInColor for her website highlighting diverse content from diverse voices. Intro/Outro is F.U.B.U. by Solange. Please rate/review us on Apple Podcasts and support us at

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    BGS 49 - Black Women Win!

    It's the last BGS of 2017! We talk about Black women in Alabama making history in the special election. Essence has a list of Black Women to Watch in Politics. We talk about Golden Globe Nods in Squeeworthy News and snubs in Catch the Fade. And don't worry, we also dig all the way into the 63%.

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    GHITG 7 - "San Francisco"

    Olivia and Didi recap episode 7 of Pitch, "San Francisco" .

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    BGS 48 - Give Black Women Their Due!

    Inda and Didi return with a new episode of Black Girl Squee! This time we're covering Oscar Buzz for Dee Rees and Tiffany Haddish, Rihanna's new road, Aja Naomi King's new makeup deal and more!

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    BGS 47 - Trust Black Women

    We talk about Judge Deborah Robinson, Philomena Kwao on inclusivity, a TV show filled with Trans Women of Color and we discuss the new season of HTGAWM on Black Girl Squee! Intro/Outro is "Show Love" by Everything Is Recorded (feat. Syd & Sampha).

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