Black Girl Squee!

Black Girl Squee!

Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi (@dustdaughter) celebrate the achievements of and discuss current events pertaining to Black women.

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    MFTU 1 - "Contraband"

    Welcome to the first episode of Missives from the Underground, a fan podcast recapping WGN's hit drama, Underground. In this episode, hosts Maria (@Roxie) and Didi (@dustdaughter) recap the season two premiere called "Contraband". Let us know what you think of the show by tweeting us or emailing Thanks and Enjoy!

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    BGS 36: #BlackTransWomensLivesMatter

    We squee a lot in episode 36 of BGS. There's Black Girl Magic at The Oscars, Gina Torres pitches a Jessica Pearson spinoff and timeless treasures from Alice Coltrane find new life on vinyl. Our main topic is the epidemic of violence against Black trans women and other TWOC. Then we drag someone who still hasn't absorbed some of the basic tenets of intersectional feminism. It's only an hour but it's a journey y'all! Please forgive any technical difficulties.

    Intro: "Quick" by Tank and da Bangas Outro: "Rockets" by Lion Babe feat. Moe Moks

    Links: - Tank and the Bangas on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert - - A treasure trove of Alice Coltrane’s spiritual jazz recordings released on vinyl for the first time - - From Black Lives Matter: The Loud Silence When Trans Women of Color Are Killed - - From Tumblr user, SmartAssJen (Jen Richards): Want to Stop Trans Murders? - From Black Youth Project: #TransCrowdFund: The Radical Redistribution of Wealth We Need by J. Skyler -

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    RR 3 - Renew The Expanse!

    In episode three of Ratchet Research, host Kat (@exrecluse) and Didi (@dustdaughter) talk about SyFy's space drama, The Expanse! We talk about the characters, inclusive casting, the show's themes and relevance today. '

    Intro/Outro: The Expanse Opening Theme by Clinton Shorter


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    BGS 35: Speculative Black Girls!

    In episode 35 of Black Girl Squee, Inda and Didi talk about AfroRetroFuturism and the importance of centering black women's narratives, NAO's upcoming collaboration with The Internet. Black Women in Speculative Fiction and more!

    Intro/Outro: NAO's Bad Blood Remix produced by SBTRKT. I pronounced it Secret on the show but it's really pronounced Subtract.


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    Ratchet Research 2 - True Crime

    In the second episode of Ratchet Research, hosts Katrina Jackson (@exrecluse) and Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter from Black Girl Squee!) talk about all things true crime. The gateway is true crime podcasts like Crimetown, Stranglers, and Missing & Murdered. Listen as Katrina breaks down her categories of true crime podcasts from the 'chill' ones to the 'dark and scary' ones. We also get into books and television that fit into the genre before musing about what if anything they reveal about the criminal justice system. Press play for a great discussion, then find out what we'll cover on episode three of Ratchet Research!

    Want to tell us what you think of the show? Then contact host Katrina Jackson (@exrecluse) or Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter) on Twitter. You can also email and put 'Ratchet Research' in the subject line. Finally, if you like what we're doing on this feed and would like to support, check out the BGS patreon here!

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    BGS 34 - Misogynoir is Global

    In episode 34 of Black Girl Squee, we welcome special guest, Krys (@angelsscream) to the show and squee for several Black women who are dealing with ignorance and misogynoir in their lives and careers. Their responses are varied and valid because we all know the various traps set for them. We celebrate Maxine Waters, Jessica Williams, Tamron Hall, Tishaura Jones, Sydney Bennett, and Nikole Hannah-Jones.

    Intro/Outro is "All About Me" by SYD


    Tishaura Jones Slams Post Editorial Board While Declining Interview -

    From Teen Vogue: Congresswoman Maxine Waters Believes Donald T**ump Should Be Impeached -

    From Remezcla: What non-Black Latinxs Can Learn from the Salma Hayek & Jessica Williams Debate -

    White Women: This Is Why Your Critiques of Beyonce are Racist by Lara Witt (@femmefeministe) -

    From Stereogum: Album of the Week - Syd’s Fin -

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    BGS 33 - Black Girls Need Self-Care!

    In episode 33 of Black Girl Squee, Inda and Didi squee over new records and videos from Lizzo, SYD, and the incomparable Missy Elliott. They also recap the Golden Globes, the Oscar Noms, and the Women's March.

    Intro/Outro: "Scuse Me" by Lizzo

    Links: - Johnetta Elzie's poem about the Women's March - Noire Care website - Jace Harr's Interactive Self-Care Guide

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    BGS 32: Black Girls Be Knowin'!

    In episode 32 of Black Girl Squee, Inda and Didi celebrate Hidden Figures no.1 weekend at the Box Office, Wangu Kanja's work with rape survivors in Kenya, why we love the First Lady and so much more.

    Intro/Outro is "Coconut Oil" by Lizzo


    Two Grand Prize Winners from THe Search for Hidden Figures STEM Contest, Watch Their Presentations -

    Georgia Girl Who Has Read 1K Books at Age 4 Visits Library of Congress Becomes Honorary Librarian -

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    Ratchet Research Ep. 1 - The Knowles Sisters

    Welcome to the first episode of a new podcast on the Black Girl Squee feed. This is Ratchet Research, a Black Pop Culture podcast with an Historical Perspective. Your hosts are author Katrina Jackson (Encore, @katrinajax) and BGS producer, Didi Jenning (@dustdaughter). Join us as we discuss two outstanding albums made by Black women for Black women. We're talking about Beyonce's Lemonade and Solange's A Seat At The Table. Basically this episode is an excuse for us to stan, but in a pseudo-intellectual way. It's a lot more fun than that. Press play and check us out!

    Link for this episode is Candice Benbow's Lemonade Syllabus.

    Intro is "Formation" by Beyonce and the Outro is "F.U.B.U." by Solange.

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    BGS 31: Black Girls Be Yankin'!

    In episode 31 of Black Girl Squee, hosts Inda Lauryn and Didi Jenning start the show in royally ratchet fashion, then get into a whole bunch of awards nominations in Squeeworthy News. No main topic this time, so we got to spend more time on our Squee Queens and y'alls favorite segment, Dis Week in Dat Print (DWIDP)! Inda rounds out the show with another great Womanist Vocab word! Press play and join the fun on Black Girl Squee!

    Intro/Outro is Yankin' by Lady (with additional vocals from Inda)

    Inda's latest piece on The Learned Fangirl: Older Black Women in Romantic Relationships on Television -

    Soaked in Cinammon: A City Witch Finds Healing zine now available on Queer Indigenous Girl’s site -

    Nigerian Women's Bobsled Team -

    Read Clarkisha Kent's great piece On Trevor Noah and Other African Immigrants Who Buy Into The Hype -

    Sesifikile Wines -

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