Black Girl Squee!

Black Girl Squee!

Inda Lauryn (@indascorner) and Didi (@dustdaughter) celebrate the achievements of and discuss current events pertaining to Black women.

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    BGS 38 - Black Women Are Tired

    We celebrate two years of Cornerstorepress Presents the Black Swan Collective, Inda talks about Waking the Witch, and her guest spot on the Cinemosity podcast. We squee about Michaela Coel and Aisha Hinds before handing out some fades. This DWIDP is packing heat, too! All this and more on Black Girl Squee!

    Intro/Outro: Black Girl Magic - Lorine Chia ft. Billie Mitchell

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    MFTU 5 - "Whiteface"

    MFTU 5 - "Whiteface"

    There are questions (about absent characters), gripes (about Elizabeth of course), and shade (about Freddy D.) in this week's episode of Missives from the Underground. We definitely show why we're an UNOFFICIAL Underground fan podcast! Join our discussion on Twitter @Roxie and @dustdaughter or via email at You can find all our previous episodes at

    Intro: "Take Me Inside" by Sampha

    Outro: "Way Down We Go" by Kaleo

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    MFTU 4 - "Nok Aaut"

    Maria and Didi tackle episode 2x04 of Underground, called "Nok Aaut". Didi's theory about Daniel is up in flames but we enjoyed the episode regardless. Let us know how much Cato ain't sh*t by tweeting us @Roxie , @dustdaughter, or @blackgirlsquee. You can also email with the episode title in the subject line. Intro is "Dons and Divas" by Flowdan feat. Manga. Outro is "Worth It" by Moses Sumney.

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    BGS 37: Black Girls are Missing

    BGS 37: Black Girls are Missing

    We squee about the latest casting news from Shadow & Act (SPONSOR US!), a forum on intersectional feminism featuring Mikki Kendall and Allure's cover story on women of color and beauty. Our main topic is #MissingDCGirls. Then we drag Netflix for their whitewashing ways.

    Intro: I Just Want to Live by Lorine Chia Outro: I Ain't Gone Under Yet by Neneh Cherry


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    MFTU 3 - "Ache"

    MFTU 3 - "Ache"

    [Sorry about the technical difficulties. The echo ends around the 12 minute mark. ]

    Maria and Didi cover ep 2x03 of Underground, a epic entry called "Ache". This episode gives us a reason to discuss Black women's relationship with strength, the myth of the Strong Black Woman and what happens when you run out of strength and need care. We also get to talk about Black women's bodily autonomy and how the vestiges of slavery affect us today on that issue. If you haven't figured out by now, this episode was A LOT. Misha Green put her foot in this!

    To continue the discussion, please contact us at or on Twitter @Roxie and @dustdaughter. Until next time, please take care of yourselves, black women! We love you even when you aren't strong!

    If you need help emotionally, call the Nat'l Suicide Prevention Lifeline @ 1-800-273-TALK (8255). For more resources, visit @800273TALK.

    Intro/Outro is "Oya" by Ibeyi.

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    MFTU 1 - "Contraband"

    Welcome to the first episode of Missives from the Underground, a fan podcast recapping WGN's hit drama, Underground. In this episode, hosts Maria (@Roxie) and Didi (@dustdaughter) recap the season two premiere called "Contraband". Let us know what you think of the show by tweeting us or emailing Thanks and Enjoy!

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    BGS 36: #BlackTransWomensLivesMatter

    We squee a lot in episode 36 of BGS. There's Black Girl Magic at The Oscars, Gina Torres pitches a Jessica Pearson spinoff and timeless treasures from Alice Coltrane find new life on vinyl. Our main topic is the epidemic of violence against Black trans women and other TWOC. Then we drag someone who still hasn't absorbed some of the basic tenets of intersectional feminism. It's only an hour but it's a journey y'all! Please forgive any technical difficulties.

    Intro: "Quick" by Tank and da Bangas Outro: "Rockets" by Lion Babe feat. Moe Moks

    Links: - Tank and the Bangas on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert - - A treasure trove of Alice Coltrane’s spiritual jazz recordings released on vinyl for the first time - - From Black Lives Matter: The Loud Silence When Trans Women of Color Are Killed - - From Tumblr user, SmartAssJen (Jen Richards): Want to Stop Trans Murders? - From Black Youth Project: #TransCrowdFund: The Radical Redistribution of Wealth We Need by J. Skyler -

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    RR 3 - Renew The Expanse!

    In episode three of Ratchet Research, host Kat (@exrecluse) and Didi (@dustdaughter) talk about SyFy's space drama, The Expanse! We talk about the characters, inclusive casting, the show's themes and relevance today. '

    Intro/Outro: The Expanse Opening Theme by Clinton Shorter


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    BGS 35: Speculative Black Girls!

    In episode 35 of Black Girl Squee, Inda and Didi talk about AfroRetroFuturism and the importance of centering black women's narratives, NAO's upcoming collaboration with The Internet. Black Women in Speculative Fiction and more!

    Intro/Outro: NAO's Bad Blood Remix produced by SBTRKT. I pronounced it Secret on the show but it's really pronounced Subtract.


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